putting these images on the PC desktop

First, a caveat - I'm not a PC user so I am offering info I've gotten from helpful PC users who have written me and expressed interest in seeing my images available for the PC.
Some have been nice enough to test them and the following is advice they've offered. If you think there is something I might add that would make it easier for PC users please email me and let me know.

You'll need to decompress the image files you've downloaded. They are compressed in a Mac compression format.

1-To do this, download - for free -Aladdin Expander 2.0 for Windows 95/98/NT
Aladdin Expander 2.0 gives Windows users an easy way to expand all the popular compressed or encoded files downloaded from online services and the Internet.

2-To get some info on how to put these images on your desktop download the Read Me for the collection you are interested in - there are some brief instructions I've received that may help (these files are all basically the same, except for a brief paragraph on the series itself, so any one of them will have the "set desktop" info:

PC Aerial Read Me.zip
PC Lightning Read Me.zip
PC The Planets Read Me.zip
PC Aurora Read Me.zip

3-If you decide they are what you want you'll need to register - this enables me to continue creating these images and allows you to complete the set of images (along with the good feeling you get when you deal square) - 10 to 15 more images (depending on the series) for your trusty desktop.
At present the registration options for PC users are:

1-kagi online registration:
secure -
not secure - http://order.kagi.com/?2SR

2-or check ($10) to:
1442-A Walnut Street #392-2SR
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

The Read Me files above will include this info.
Eventually you'll be able to download the Windows Register program here if I can ever figure out how to configure it.

Finally, thanks again to the PC users who wrote and encouraged me to do this.
It was the enthusiasm and good wishes of many PC users, along with their willingness to give them a test on their differing Windows / PC configurations, and then provide me with invaluable feedback, that finally got me to invest the time and attention to put up this support page.



my desktop picture collections :

Desktop Pictures: Aerial - inspired by high orbit photos

Desktop Pictures: The Aurora Collection - inspired by the Hubble Space photos

Desktop Pictures: The Planets - inspired by the Mars Mission

Desktop Pictures: Lightning

kagi online registration:

secure - http://order.kagi.com/?2SR&S

not secure - http://order.kagi.com/?2SR

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