Review by Robert Stephens from Apple Wizards ezine:

"Sophisticated, elegant images, for your sophisticated, elegant Mac system." I must agree, they are beautiful. These images were inspired by "the Hubble Space photographs. Aurora is meant to express the beauty and mystery of the natural world; not to 'illustrate' outer space or starry nebulae, but to express a feeling."

You'll find an image in Aurora to suit whatever mood you're in. All are high quality graphics, and in the teaser version, you'll receive 10 Desktop Pictures to try out. When you are registered you will receive an e-mail giving you a location to download 10 additional images to complete the Aurora collection. Twenty images to rotate (or stay) on your desktop. Rotate by dropping the Aurora folder onto the large screen "monitor" in the Desktop Pictures control panel. You get a random picture every time you start up by holding down the option key while clicking on select picture in the Desktop Pictures Control Panel and then picking a folder. Go download Aurora at

It's shareware at a price of $10. You can pay in a variety of ways, all explained in the docs. Must be running OS 8 or using a program like Décor that gives you the same functionality.


From Mac Hot Tips Weekly, by Editor Tracy Valleau -

Web site of the week:

Ira Altschiller has spent 30 years as a fine artist, and this appeals to
me, since 35 years ago, I was trained as a fine artist myself. Now Ira has
added to his portfolio with some excellent pieces for your desktop.


In addition to the listed download sites, these Deskpicture Collections will be available on the CD accompanying David Pogue's new Mac Secrets book; on the SiteLink Shareware Collection II CD; on the HKMUG Hong Kong User's Group and AMUG CD; and on the CD accompanying the following widely read magazines: MacPeople (Japan, 10/97, issue #22); Macintosh Wire (Japan); MacUser Japanese Edition; HyperLib (Japan, Winter '98 - included on the CD with images from The Planets also included in the magazine); the German MacMAGAZIN & MACeasy. The Planets will be used on the cover of the CD supplement to MacWorld UK and MacWorld France. Desktop Pictures: The Planets was a pop pick on with 1300 downloads in less than a week and 1800 on MacWorld's

Dreams Project, my first web site, was recently the first site linked to by the Oakland Museum, as the best in web sites designed by artists as part of its WebArt program.

ArtBridge received a highly favorable review by David Pescovitz in Net Magazine.


to my desktop picture collections...

I just downloaded your images. They are very beautiful.

Helen R.

I LOVE your work.

Bill L.

Just a short note to let you know I really enjoy your work.I downloaded the 10 & 5 sets this weekend and they are great.At first I was not very impressed because they do not have the clarity of the pictures that come with System 8, but that changed very quickly when each new picture appeared. I thank you for the nice job you have done

Cal K.

Very... Very... Nifty!

Rob B.

The Planets are glowing on my desktop at this very moment. Thanks.

Rick G.

Thrilling pictures. I love the feeling in your work.

Suzanne C.

I downloaded your Lightning desktop pics and I must say that they are VERY IMPRESSIVE...

Yang Jun

I don't usually purchase things over the internet but I couldn't wait to see the full set after registration so I registered online and things went very well. Each one seems so different, yet all are to a very high quality. Thank you.

Tom R.

Please let me know when you finish your next collection. The glowing light in The Planets have been a pleasure since the first day I 'set desktop.'

Sally W.

The Planets show the fine art possibilities for images on the Mac desktop. Congratulations on doing such original work on a true frontier.

Maria W.

These images really change the feel of using my mac - I love watching the startup desktop picture load...

Dennis F.

Amazing pics - there is such a feeling of openess...just triggers my imagination.

Kevin M.

to my desktop picture collections...