Desktop Pictures: Lightning is meant to express the awesome beauty and drama of our natural

If you download the images in the sample collection you will be able to see them onyour desktop.
After you register, you will receive a URL via email, to download 20 dramatic images for your trusty Mac.


Download samples of these images and samples of my other collections in one package . . .

Included in the download:

  • Three images from each of my collections.
  • The pictures are large enough to see the detail and color.
  • You can place the images on your desktop or drop on your browser to view easily.

download desktop picture sampler from a download site below:
(deskpix-iras-sampler-vol1.hqx; 772K)
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you can also download samples of Lightning ONLY (640x480 resolution - 482k):
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my desktop picture collections :

Desktop Pictures: Aerial - inspired by high orbit photos

Desktop Pictures: The Aurora Collection - inspired by the Hubble Space photos

Desktop Pictures: The Planets - inspired by the Mars Mission

Desktop Pictures: Lightning

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