About the images in Dreams Project

The series of original digital images used in Dreams Project has the working title of Interior Landscapes. I've used my scanned in pen and ink drawings with an "environment" created in Photoshop.

Interior Landscapes is closely related to a series of paintings called Speculations - to further complicate things - but that's the nature of creative work, it goes zig zag. Creative work is organic, constantly changing, evolving, going forward while referring back to itself. You can't push the river.

As the name Interior Landscapes suggests, these images are meant to feel like landscapes – but turned inward – images suggesting our interior lives.

In Dreams Project pictographic, hieroglyphic images, scrawled and ambiguous, float in a world of forms and textures that suggest the mystery and beauty of the natural world.

Purchasing the Dreams Project images as prints:

I'm planning to release Interior Landscapes as limited edition Iris prints. These will be printed on an archival paper and produced as one would releasing a series of etchings or lithographs. A fine art edition. An alternative plan: print them on an inkjet on good quality paper (I could sell them at a lower price that way). Not sure which way I'll go.

If you feel you would be interested in buying such work - they would be around 15x20 inches unframed - please write me and I'll keep your name on a list. Tell me which option interests you. When I finally get around to having them printed I'll let you know.

Ira Altschiller

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