Dreams Project:

image / word

Language and art are dreams we have about reality.

The fantastic internet can be like a dream - you look into a window of glowing light. The internet is a fantastic possibility waiting to happen.

I care about images and words - they expand our universe and make us what we are. By words I mean ideas. By images I mean art - which finds its power in associations and suggestions. The images I like best are those that are ambiguous - not spelled out. Illustrations belong to the pop culture with its narrow agendas; the full universe of imagination belongs to the visual arts.

I decided to use quotations in combination with my images. I liked the idea that written ideas and the ideas inherent in images would merge and collide. The thing I liked about quotations when I was a kid was that they reassured me that there were at least some other people out there who lived on the same planet as myself – even if many of them died centuries ago. In fact, there was a feeling of continuity in seeing something someone said centuries ago ring so true, now, at this moment.

The sole guiding principle in this selection of quotations, ideas, snatches of insight, is that they interested me. There is no 'theme' to these ideas other than the fact that one person felt they all spoke to something True or at least true. That seems to me of interest, all by itself.

The sole guiding principle in these images is that they satisfied me. My work is done intuitvely, not ideologically. Suffice it to say that these images are meant to be spaces for you to enter, and dream . . .

Hope you enjoy the words, but it's more the images that matter to me

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