about ArtBridge

ArtBridge was a site on which I did some early experiments in what was to me, at the time, a new medium — the internet. These projects have not been edited — some links may not work.

High Fashion
The world of fashion - strange, seductive - dripping with commercial subtext. This series of seven images was taken from a larger group of work created to be output as prints. The world of fashion seems to me a paradigm - modern life in a silken nutshell.

Stranger in the Land,
Remnants of a Found Journal

The dream-like, mysterious nature of experience is at the center of my concerns in this piece; the way experience seems to lead us along a path, while all the while we are trying to sort meanings - that feeling of trying to keep up.

The images came from a series of drawings. These drawings were done as studies for a group of paintings of devastated landscapes (the title page has one of these paintings on it). A land where there is rock and human dwellings carved into that rock; vast and unspeakably bleak, but bathed in a warm overwhelming light.

The background texture for all of the images are the stock exchange tables of the newspaper. In each case I transformed the grid of numbers; but they are always there; the bed on which the images sit and intertwine. Even the title page background texture, distant as it might seem from that grid of stock returns, is a highly transformed image of the stock tables.

Times Square Shakespeare

This project examines the way the popular culture trivializes, fragments, renders as spectacle and entertainment, everything it embraces. The popular culture is fun and diverting, but it also is detached, blinking back at you with indifference.

Stories About Things
This piece explores the way the objects around us embed the stories of our lives. The stories, like the images, are improvisational.
This piece was included in a show in Scandanavia and in a show here in California recently:
April 4 to May 26 2000 - Exhibit of my digital work at the KALA / Space 743 / Refusalon show
"High Touch / High Tech, Crossing the Divide"

Random envelopes chosen from the daily mail and transformed. A weeks worth of mail.


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